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About us

Glasses from Nividas


Nividas is a Swedish eyewear-brand founded in 2014. Our name is taken from Esperanto and translates to “We see”. The language was created to foster harmony between people from different countries and cultures. Inspired by Esperanto and peoples' drive to explore, we design and manufacture a wide range of styles, so we're confident you'll find the right style, or styles, to suit you for every occasion. See the world with us.


We believe that great eyewear doesn't need to cost a fortune, and that different designs suit different occasions, so that's why Nividas is built around the idea of never just settling for one pair of glasses to define you, but many.

Guy with two pairs of glasses

Manufacturing process

A low price doesn’t mean that we are low in quality. To manufacture a batch of glasses, four months of extensive craftsmanship and quality control is required. In between, we have removed traditional intermediaries, which enables us to offer quality eyewear at reasonable prices - directly from us to you.


Design of glasses


All of our frames are designed in Stockholm city.

Manufacture of spectacles


All frames are manufactured in cellulose acetate, a synthetic fiber derived from cellulose from plants, which contributes to each frames unique expression. Before the frame takes shape it goes through many different manufacturing steps, several by hand. At the same time, our glass is cut at Nividas' partner lab Rodenstock in Germany.



Our glasses are sold at and in our own physical stores. Without traditional intermediaries, we can always offer high quality at a low price.